Sun Protection

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Summer, one of our favorite times of the year is just around the corner! Think picnics, biking, swimming, trips to the lake and…sunburns. Sunburns occur when the ultraviolet rays of the sun …Read More

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Medical Announcement: Prevnar 13 has shipped and is now in use

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Prevnar 13 (P13) is a vaccine to replace the original Prevnar 7 (P7). Prevnar is generally given at the 2, 4, 6 and 12 month visits. The difference is the new P13 …Read More

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Seasonal Allergies

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April showers bring May flowers, budding trees, and blooming grasses and weeds. It’s allergy season, and those April showers are also bringing sniffly noses, red eyes, itchy hives and “Kerchoo!” sneezes! Tulsa …Read More

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Ending the Myth and Misery of Colic

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I’ll never forget the rainy December night when my previously happy newborn began to experience colic. My husband had gone out for several hours leaving me home with the baby. While he …Read More

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Prescription for a Successful Visit to Your Doctor

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Here are 19 tips that can make maximize your next visit to your doctor or your child’s pediatrician, giving you the very best health care result! 1. Be on time for your …Read More

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