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Feel Better Just Walking In The Door.

We know a trip to the doctor with little ones can be a trial, that’s why we do our best to make our office hassle-free. Yes, we provide the best medical care for your child, but we also provide a casual, playful environment to help put them at ease. (If only we could figure out how to ease your car-seat frustration!)

Our Office

You’ll like that we have separate sick- and well-child waiting rooms. Your kids will love our TVs playing their favorite shows there and our colorful tropical fish in the lobby. But that’s just the start. Our kid-friendly atmosphere extends to the exam rooms, too. Each features a different fun-filled theme — which will be your favorite?

  • The Outer Space Room
  • The Undersea Adventure
  • The Big-Company-We-Can’t-Mention-Because-Of-Copyright-Laws Room (rhymes with “Bisney”)
  • The “Vroom!” Room
  • The Superhero Hangout
  • The Jungle Nook
  • The Sports Spot
  • The Wild West
  • The Frog Pad

Our Capabilities

We’re parents. We know sick kids don’t travel well. So we don’t make you drive all over Tulsa for x-rays and lab work. We have both capabilities here, on-site. It lets us make sure the quality is the absolute best … and, of course, it’s faster and more convenient. (Down the hall is so much easier than across town.)

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